The Joy Luck Club

Ming-Na Wen stars in this tear jerker breakthrough film. Good date movie. You get to watch her and your date thinks your a sensitive kind of guy. 


One Night Stand

(1997) She co-stars as kind of a flighty, sex-crazed California woman opposite Wesley Snipes. Snipes plays her husband who cheats on her  

You HAVE to see this movie--
trust me.  She is very sexy here

Star Quest 
Ming-Na Wen has a small role in this 1994 science fiction film that didn't do well at the box
office but is actually not that bad.

Ming-Na Wen will be the voice of Fa Mu Lan in Disney's new animated film.  You can also see her in the Mulan Sing Along.

Hong Kong '97
Your standard "Our guns never run out of bullets" movie. She looks pretty good here.

Street Fighter 
The MCA site has some quicktime movies last I checked. Ming-Na Wen delivers some serious action on the forces of evil. 
Twelve Bucks (1998)  Ming-Na Wen co-stars in this new film that premieres the week of October 19-25, 1998 in L.A.