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Other Books

Bravo Two Zero 
Andy McNab
Hornets over Kuwait 
Jay A. Stout
It Doesn't Take a Hero 
H. Norman, General Schwarzkopf
Storm over Iraq :
Air Power and the Gulf War

Richard P. Hallion
Into the Storm : A Study in Command 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks
Crusade : The Untold
Story of the Persian
Gulf War
Rick Atkinson
Strike Eagle : Flying the
F-15E in the Gulf War
William Smallwood
The Generals' War : The
Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf 
Michael R. Gordon,
Bernard E., General Trainor

Every Man a Tiger 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks

Terms used to Describe
Military Units


Ship--Single vessel usually run by a Captain.

Battle Group--Group of several vessels usually surrounding a battleship or aircraft carrier.

Task force--Two or more battle groups.

Fleet--a group of several task forces. There are four numbered fleets in the U.S. Navy. 2nd is the East Coast, 3rd is the West Coast, 6th is the Mediterranean and East Atlantic and the 7th is the Western Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

Air Force

Flight--Three or four aircraft.

Squadron--Usually two dozen aircraft.

Wing--Approximately 72 aircraft.


Squad--Usually about ten soldiers. Usually commanded by a sergeant.

Platoon--Three or four squads commanded by lieutenant. Armored platoons are four tanks.

Company--150 to 200soldiers composed of four platoons.

Battalion--Five companies of approximately 1,00 troops.

Brigade--Two battalions of 1,500soldiers.

Division--4,00 to 10,00 soldiers complete with artillery, aviation, and support troops.


Squad--13 soldiers.

Platoon--45 Marines commanded by a lieutenant.

Rifle Company--180 Marines including a weapons platoon.

Battalion--850 Marines including headquarters and service elements.

Regiment--Three battalions commanded by a colonel.

Division--Approximately 20,00 Marines with armor, air, engineer and support units.



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