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Bravo Two Zero 
Andy McNab
Hornets over Kuwait 
Jay A. Stout
It Doesn't Take a Hero 
H. Norman, General Schwarzkopf
Storm over Iraq :
Air Power and the Gulf War

Richard P. Hallion
Into the Storm : A Study in Command 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks
Crusade : The Untold
Story of the Persian
Gulf War
Rick Atkinson
Strike Eagle : Flying the
F-15E in the Gulf War
William Smallwood
The Generals' War : The
Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf 
Michael R. Gordon,
Bernard E., General Trainor

Every Man a Tiger 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks

 CH-53E Super Stallion 

Pave-Low MH-53

(MH-53 Pave Low shown) 

Speed:  173 mph
Range:  257 miles
Weight: 36,400lbs maximum
Troop lift:     35
Armament:       None
Lift:   16 tons

*A large transport helicopter, the Stallion is used for a wide variety of missions from transport to special operations. Later versions are capable of air-to-air refueling and may be used for long-range commando raids or rescue missions. A Navy version is capable of minesweeping operations. Army versions are also used for transport of heavy equipment such as artillery and recovery of downed aircraft.

Iraqi Counterpart--
Iraq's heavy air transport helicopter is the MI-6 which is capable of carrying 70 troops. First flown in the late 1950's, the Hook also is capable of carrying artillery and vehicles. However, Iraq has a very limited number of this aircraft.

Actions in Desert Storm--
One of the main missions of the Stallion was mine clearing operations in the Persian Gulf. Using towed sleds, the helicopters were called upon to clear paths for a possible amphibious operation, should they be required. Modified MH-53's Pave Lows were used in special operations missions, including the "liberation" of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait City. With the dealys in production of the V-22 by the military and the combat performance of this helicopter in the KTO, it is predicted that the CH-53 will continue to be the main workhorse of the armed services helicopter fleet. 


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