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     Gen. Colin Powell


  • --Born in New York City on April 5, 1937 and raised in the South Bronx.
  • --Married the former Alma Vivian Johnson, August 25, 1962.
  • --Three children: Michael Kevin, Linda Margaret, Annemarie


  • --B.S., City College of New York, 1958.
  • --Commission 2nd Lieutenant, 1958.
  • --Served as Advisor in Vietnam, 1962.
  • --Returned to Vietnam as executive officer for the 23rd Infantry Division (AMERICAL), 1968.
  • --M.B.A., George Washington University, 1971.
  • --Selected as White House Fellow, 1972.
  • --Commander of 1st Battalion, 32d Infantry in Korea, 1973.
  • --Commander of 2d Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, 1976.
  • --Senior Military Assistant to Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1977-1980..
  • --Assistant Division Commander for Operations and Training, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized), 1981.
  • --Senior Military Assistant, Secretary of Defense, 1983-86..
  • --Commander V Corps, Frankfurt Germany, July 1986.
  • --President's National Security Advisor, 1987-88.
  • --Commander in Chief, U.S. Forces Command, 1989.
  • --Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1989-1993.
  • --Received the Defense Distinguished Service Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Distinguished Service Medal (Army), the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and other awards.

*The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is charged with carrying out the orders of the President as they apply to the military. With President Bush's detached management style, Powell had considerable leeway to formulate a plan and execute the strategy the military professionals felt could accomplish the mission set forth by the President. His performance during Operation Desert Storm has received high marks from all participants and he is expected to have a bright future ahead of him.

Although he has obtained the highest military position possible, there are many who feel he would make an excellent political candidate for elective office. In a recent poll, of all the military commanders in Operation Desert Storm, Powell received the highest approval rating when asked whom they wanted to run for President. Should he set his sights slightly lower, it is likely he could win election to almost any Senate seat in the country. Some are even suggesting he takes over as Vice-President should Dan Quayle be dropped from the 1992 Republican ticket, although the President has steadfastly refused to do this. Whatever he chooses, it is likely that Collin Powell will remain in the public eye for several years to come.

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