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Bravo Two Zero 
Andy McNab
Hornets over Kuwait 
Jay A. Stout
It Doesn't Take a Hero 
H. Norman, General Schwarzkopf
Storm over Iraq :
Air Power and the Gulf War

Richard P. Hallion
Into the Storm : A Study in Command 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks
Crusade : The Untold
Story of the Persian
Gulf War
Rick Atkinson
Strike Eagle : Flying the
F-15E in the Gulf War
William Smallwood
The Generals' War : The
Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf 
Michael R. Gordon,
Bernard E., General Trainor

Every Man a Tiger 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks

Senator Sam Nunn


  • --Born in Perry, GA on September 8, 1938.
  • --Married Colleen Ann O'Brien, 1965.
  • --Two children: Mary Michelle, Samuel Brian


  • --Seaman, U.S. Coast Guard, 1959-60.
  • --A.B., LL.B., Emory University,1962.
  • --Attorney and Farmer.
  • --Coast Guard Reserve, 1960-68.
  • --Georgia House of Representatives, 1968-72.
  • --Appointed U.S Senate, 1972, reelected, 1978 and 1984.
  • --Chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee, 1986.

*As Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sam Nunn oversees all military projects, just as his counterpart Cong. Les Aspin does on the House side. Senator Nunn, a moderate Democrat, was regarded the Democrats best chances at winning the Presidency, and was urged to run in 1988. He opposed the use of military force on January 12, but was unable to convince a number of his moderate Democratic colleagues to give sanctions more time. When the war started, however, he closed ranks and called for support of the President.

Some in Washington were whispering that his initial opposition to the war may have been for political reasons. By calling for more time with sanctions, Nunn is able to satisfy many of the liberal activists in the Democratic party and well positioned politically if the tides of war had turned bad. However, many feel his opposition is deeply felt and that the Senator is too classy to say "I told you so" should the war turn sour. Regardless of his rationale, Sen. Nunn now finds himself hurt very seriously by this vote. Not only is he having to take the heat for his own vote, but many Democrats who sided with him are upset that he has not been more forceful in defending the position he talked them into supporting. Given the current opinion polls, a presidential bid now seems highly unlikely.

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