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Frederick M. Franks

His Majesty King Fahad Ibn Abdulaziz al Saud.


  • --Born in 1920
  • --Muslim


  • --Educated by the palace court.
  • --First Minister of Education.
  • --Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.
  • --Crowned King after death of King Khalid in June of 1982.

*Under King Fahad (sometimes spelled Fahd), the United States and Saudi Arabia have moved closer together to the point that Saudi Arabia is now one of the top U.S. allies amongst the Arab nations. Following the devastation of Kuwait by Iraqi troops, he feared losing his kingdom to a possible Iraqi invasion and invited U.S. and Allied forces into his country. He has taken a great risk in challenging Saddam Hussein and relied on U.S. forces to eliminate any future threat to his Kingdom from Iraq.

King Fahad is considered the leader of the Arab coalition that has been constructed for Operation Desert Storm and his future appears promising. Saudi Arabia has suffered financially from the war, but these costs are minimal and the government should be able to quickly recoup them with increased oil production. Politically, the future role of Saudi Arabia in the post-war Middle East is very promising. With the United States seeking peace talks on the Arab/Israeli question, King Fahad will certainly be the point man for the U.S. position among the Arab world. U.S./Saudi relations should remain considerably warm for the next several years.

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