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Five Days in London
Rudy Guliani's Recommend Reading.

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Bravo Two Zero 
Andy McNab
Hornets over Kuwait 
Jay A. Stout
It Doesn't Take a Hero 
H. Norman, General Schwarzkopf
Storm over Iraq :
Air Power and the Gulf War

Richard P. Hallion
Into the Storm : A Study in Command 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks
Crusade : The Untold
Story of the Persian
Gulf War
Rick Atkinson
Strike Eagle : Flying the
F-15E in the Gulf War
William Smallwood
The Generals' War : The
Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf 
Michael R. Gordon,
Bernard E., General Trainor
Every Man a Tiger 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks

F-117 Stealth 

F-117 Stealth

Air Force 

*The F-117 was designed in the 1980's as a "black project" meaning "heavily classified." Many of the exact specifics remain shrouded in secrecy. Its existence was suspected for years, but not until the late 1980's did the Air Force even acknowledge this plane existed. Today it is a popular attraction at air shows around the country and has seen combat action in Panama with mixed reviews. Given its radar-evading ability, the Stealth fighter has been used in attacks deep behind enemy lines. It is said that the first Iraqi anti-aircraft weapons to be fired were after bombs from the F-117s hit their targets.

Iraqi Counterpart-- No comparable aircraft.

Actions in Desert Storm--

F-117's were the first aircraft to strike Baghdad in the opening minutes of the air war. Footage from the cameras on board showed a number of 2,00 lbs bombs from F-117's scoring direct hits on Iraqi strategic targets and mobile missile launchers. Air Force commanders reported that the F-117 flew 3% of the total missions, but destroyed over 43% of the total targets. With no reported losses, stealth supporters will be toting the success of the F-117 Stealth fighter in arguing for the production of the B-2 Stealth Bomber. 

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F-117 Stealth: An Illustated History
William Holder

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Paul Crickmore

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