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Javier Perez De Cuellar

Secretary-General of the United Nations


  • --Born in Lima, Peru on January 19, 1920.
  • --Married to the former Marcela Temple


  • --Law Faculty of Catholic University, Lima, Peru, 1943
  • --Joined Peruvian Diplomatic service, 1944.
  • --Served in France, the United Kingdom, Bolivia, and Brazil 1944-61.
  • --Director of Legal and Personnel Departments in the Ministry of External Relations, 1961.
  • --Promoted to rank of Ambassador, 1962.
  • --Peruvian Ambassador to Switzerland, 1964-66.
  • --Peruvian Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Poland, 1969-71.
  • --Appointed Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations, 1971-75.
  • --Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Cyprus, 1975-77.
  • --Peruvian Ambassador to Venezuela, 1977-79.
  • --Appointed United Nation's Under-Secretary-General Special Political Affairs, 1979-1981.
  • --Retired from the Foreign Service of Peru, May 1981.
  • --Appointed U.N. Secretary-General of the United Nations, December 1981.
  • --Reappointed U.N. Secretary-General of the United Nations, October, 1986.

*Javier Perez De Cuellar has tried in vain to seek a peaceful solution to the current Gulf Crisis for some time. De Cuellar has been involved with conflicts before, including the negotiations on the situation in Cyprus in the 1970's and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980's. Also under his tenure, U.N. Peacekeeping forces received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988.

His understanding of this problem has been evident since his July 23rd statement, one week before the invasion took place, calling for calm as Iraq was massing its troops on the border with Kuwait. In September, he met with Tariq Aziz, but was disheartened by Iraq's intransigence. A last-minute attempt at peace was also launched only days before the January 15th deadline, but this too fell on deaf ears.

During the war, De Cuellar played a behind the scenes role trying to coordinate the many different peace plans that were being floated by a number of countries. De Cuellar's role will increase in a post-war Gulf given the emphasis the Western allies seek on a resolution of other Middle-Eastern problems. In keeping with the precedent set during the escalation of the Gulf Crisis, President Bush may seek to use the U.N. as a forum for the discussion of diplomatic solutions to the Arab/Israeli problem. The United Nations will also be used as a conduit for sending humanitarian aid to the region. De Cuellar will certainly continue to play an important role in the resolution of the Gulf crisis, eventhough the shooting has stopped. 

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