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AH-1 Cobra


14,750 lbs (loaded)

58 feet

Rotor Diameter: 
48 feet

Cruise Speed:   
140 knots 

Maximum Range: 
140 miles (combat radius)

2.5 hours


20 mm chain gun
Eight TOW anti-tank missiles
Two 70 mm rocket launchers

* Noticeable because of its unique profile, the Cobra was used extensively in operations in Vietnam. The Marine Corps uses a version of this helicopter as their attack helicopter. The Cobra is also used to escort transport helicopters in and out of hostile landing zones and provides air support to troops on the ground. Together with the AH-64 Apache, the Cobra will give U.S. commanders flexibility in air attacks on Iraqi forces.

Iraqi Counterpart--See AH-64 listing

Action in Desert Storm--
The AH-1 was used in many similar missions to those conducted by the AH-64. The Cobra was used by the Marines in the Battle of Khafji to support advancing allied forces. The Cobra also supported the Marines in the breach of Iraqi barriers on the Kuwaiti border. Besides anti-tank and close-air-support, a number of Cobras were used in an escort role around transport helicopters as they ferried men and equipment to the front lines.

The Marine Corps deployed four of six active squadrons (50 AH-1Ws) and two reserve squadrons (26 AH-1Js). The AH-1J's were used in an escort role and armed reconnaissance. In addition, three AH-1T's were aboard the USS Nassau (LHA4) with the 26th MEU. USMC squadrons flew 8.278 hours. AH-1W's reportedly destroyed 96 tanks and 104 APCs and other vehicles. 

The Army deployed 145 AH-1F's to the KTO and flew more than 10,00 hours. 


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