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Bravo Two Zero 
Andy McNab
Hornets over Kuwait 
Jay A. Stout
It Doesn't Take a Hero 
H. Norman, General Schwarzkopf
Storm over Iraq :
Air Power and the Gulf War

Richard P. Hallion
Into the Storm : A Study in Command 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks
Crusade : The Untold
Story of the Persian
Gulf War
Rick Atkinson
Strike Eagle : Flying the
F-15E in the Gulf War
William Smallwood
The Generals' War : The
Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf 
Michael R. Gordon,
Bernard E., General Trainor

Every Man a Tiger 
Tom Clancy,
Frederick M. Franks

Amphibious Craft

Tarawa Class:

Displacement: 39,000 tons 
Length: 820 feet 
Beam: 106 feet 
Speed: 24 knots 
Power: Two boilers, two turbines, two shafts, 70,000 shaft horsepower. 
Aircraft: CH-53, CH-46 Sea Knight and other helicopters along with AV-8A Harriers operate off the flight deck.
Crew: 950 
Marines: 1,703 

Iwo Jima Class:

Displacement: 18,000 tons 
Length: 602 feet 
Beam: 84 feet 
Speed: 23 knots 
Power: Two boilers, one turbines, one shaft, 22,000 shaft horsepower. 
Aircraft: CH-53, CH-46 Sea Knight and other helicopters 
Crew: 684 
Marines: 1,703 

*The Amphibious Assault Ships are used to place Marines via air or sea. Each ship can accommodate a number of smaller landing craft. Assault vessels such as these have been used in recent months as a platform for the rescue of civilians from hostile areas in Liberia (1990) and most recently, Somalia (1991). 

Iraqi Counterpart--Iraq has three landing ships (the Polnochny D Class) from the East Bloc which have been modified to handle helicopters. However, they are much smaller than the American ships as they carry only carry 180 Marines and six tanks. The Ships are called: Atika, Nouh, and Jawada. 

Action in Desert Storm--

Amphibious Assault vessels played a large role in the diversionary actions feinting Iraqi forces into believing an amphibious operation was imminent. These ships loaded and launched a number of landing craft and helicopters giving the impression that the Marines would be coming ashore on the Kuwaiti coast. In the end, the invasion did not come, but these ships were essential resupply bases for Marines and other units inland. In addition, AV-8 Harrier Jump Jets used these ships as a platform for carrying out close-air support attacks on Iraqi forces. One ship, the U.S.S. TRIPOLI, was seriously damaged by a mine in the Northern Persian Gulf, but stayed on station until the end of hostilities.  

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