My Family Line

Cornelius (Conor) Leyden, lived in Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland

Patrick Joesph Leyden, one of 9 (12?) children, three of which came to the US

Raymond Cornelius Leyden

Michael Leyden

Andrew Patrick Leyden

The Family Shield

(O) LIDDANE, Lydon, Leyden

The three names given above are anglicized forms of the Irish Ó Loideáin, sometimes spelt O' Lodáin. Lydon is the usual form in counties Galway and Mayo - in 1890, 55 of the 57 births recorded in that year and in 1864, 47 out of 52 were in those two counties; Leyden occurred principally in Sligo and Clare, and Liddane in Clare; in the census of householders compiled for the parishes of Ballinrobe and Moycullen in 1783 and 1793 there were 24 families named Liddane. Ludden, another variant sometimes recorded in Co. Galway. The Annals of Loch Cé record the death of the Abbot O' Lotáin, "a paragon of piety and learning", in 1216. It is probable that this is an early form of  the name. Two Liddans, of Castlebar, Co. Mayo, are included in the list of Jacobite attainders.

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Leyden Family Trees
These are various family trees I've put together. The first tree in mine, and has about as much information as I can put into it. The others are trees that have been provided to me by other Leyden researchers. Where I can I've added direct e-mail contacts to those researchers. If you have a tree, please feel free to send it over and I'll be glad to put it online.
Descendants of Connor (Cornelius) Leyden of Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland
e-mail contact: Andrew Leyden
The information provided in the following tree comes from several sources, including word of mouth and a few documents. I've scanned in some of the relevant documents so others can review them and help me track down this line of the Leyden family.

I'm not sure about Cornelius' brothers. It comes from the Clare Research Center, and I don't know if the Thomas is my list is releated to the Thomas in the second tree ( I was stretching to make a connection, but it might not be there. Such is this thing call genealogy...

Descendants of John Leyden of County Clare, Ireland
e-mail contact:
Descendants of Conor Leyden of County Clare, Ireland
e-mail contact: