CHS '84


How many can you name???

(left to right, with maiden names)

Row 1: Joe Brady, T.J. Roy, Robin Buxton, Crystal Snoddy, Melanie Winnett, Lori Percival, Scott Funk
Row 2: Andrew Leyden, Cathy James, Kim Young, Sharolyn Everrett, Jennifer Taitt, Tina Shaffer, Brenda Ames, Lisa Johnson, Winnie Wilen, Scott Smith
Row 3: Mark Hutchcraft, Kim Russo, Lori Hite, Kris Halsey, Melinda Amos, Lisa Sutherland,
Leigh Ann Lashbrook, Mary Ellen Brandt, Karen Meyer, Kirsten Crouse
Row 4: Alice Kramer, Dan Bircher, Jim Bennett, Mike Dutler, George Birch, Scott Gosset, Jack Turner, Ed Harrell, Joel David, Jeff Johnson


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Melinda Wagner (Amos)
Ginger Tutewiler (Arvey)
Steve Becker
Anne Shaffer (Biggs)
Dan Bircher
Mary Ellen Brandt
Robin Dale Tyner (Buxton)

Shawn Livingston (Coartney)
Cindy Jones (Cole)
Warren Ebinger
Sharolyn Strader (Everett)
David Faust
Scott Funk
Scott Gossett
Lori David (Hite)
Paul Hrvol
Marc Hutchcraft
Kate Russel (Jackson)
Scott Jackson
Cathy Harrell (James)
Leign-Ann Routh (Lashbrook)
Andrew Leyden --(web site)
Kevin Logue
Mindi Mason (Lewis)
Dyke Marble
Karen Freeman (Meyer)
Chris Ryan (Metzler)
Jim Morrisey
Lorretta Cooper (Percival)
Lisa Clancy (Royal)
Tina Butler (Shafer)
Randy Sims
Scott Smith
Eileen Sullivan
Lisa Sutherland
Jennifer Ross (Taitt) -- (web site)
Darren Tuggle
Todd Williams--(web site)
Kim Baker (Young)



 Charleston High School Class of 1984 celebrated their 15th Class Reunion the weekend of June 11-12, back in Charleston, Illinois. Well over 50 alums showed up for some or all of the festivities, along with a whole slew of kids.

It seems just about everyone has gotten a great deal wiser with age, save myself, and a few of us have gotten a bit bigger, myself include.

Reunion started on Friday night at Rocs, one of the few bars that remains from the days when we were in town. I think they changed the name, but the same old people who were at the bar 15 years ago were still there today, probably nursing the same beer. Joe Taylor was there, one of the few who has lost weight since his days at CHS. I mistook Scott Gosset for Joe, probably because of the mustaches they were both sporting. Steve Hankinson showed up, sans his four children. Steve is a teacher and a wrestling coach in the Chicago area. Scott Ebinger made an appearance, sans his brother Warren. Both are doing contracting work in the Charleston area, with Scott having done some periodic teaching work back at CHS.

Officer Mark Heise, of Charleston's finest, was there, looking for a few of our classmates who have outstanding criminal warrants (believe it or not, there are a few). Seems we have a lot of classmates who have gone into law enforcement, even a few who were colleagues of mine in some "law avoidance" when we were in school.

Saturday's picnic at Morton Park got moved to Fox Ridge, due to some old people taking over Morton Park's pavilion for some sort of bingo soiree. I was going to pass on the picnic, but since I was in Charleston and there was little else to do (except go to Wal Mart for cheap stuff) I headed out into the land of the children. This was the "family picnic" and was filled by families. It was very scary to see children who looked like their parents the first time I ever met them (i.e. grade school).

Saturday night's dinner started with a photo on one of the greens at the country club. That we all were able to stay motionless long enough for the above picture to be taken is amazing, given that the bugs were on a rampage and our arms were flaying around in between shots.

Dinner at the Country Club was nice, and the DJ for our event was Jeff Finney (CHS '85). A few stragglers who didn't make the picture showed up, including Darren Tuggle who is now at school at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

After the party, it was off to the four winds. A 15-hour plane ride to DC for me (normally two hours) is a good indication why we should not have reunions in tornado season, but here's looking to the 20th. Maybe I'll shave for that one...


Dyke Marble has checked in from New Albany, IN, where he runs the UNAKA construction company. Says he would have like to have attended our reunion, but was a bit tied up, what with his two growing kids and one growing bald spot.

Jim Morrisey and his wife Valerie Marble (CHS '86) are expecting their second child any day now.

Todd Williams just reported in from the great town of Springfield. He didn't know about the reunion, but is busy working as a surgeon and waiting the arrival of his first child. Be sure to check out his web site and pictures on the "Then and Now" page.

Randy Sims was unable to make the reunion, but is looking forward to hearing from any of his classmates that did.


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