Man, you must be bored to be here...

But since you are, let me tell you a few things you probably didn't need to know.  My name is Andrew Leyden.  I got my law degree at Notre Dame and  I wear khakis and turtlenecks just about all the time.   I had a crush on Ming-Na Wen for awhile, and will (until I die) be hooked on the original Emma Peel, Diana Rigg.  I have a girlfriend who lives in New York, but she won't let me put her pictures on the net for the "whole world to see."  You can usually reach me at my really creative e-mail address of andrew

What, not enough?  

Before I was in law school, I worked on Capitol Hill and went all over the world on fact-finding missions (you may call them "junkets" if you wish).  I visited Nigeria, Germany, Belgium, England, where I lived for a few months in London one Summer.  In the US, I travelled on assignment from Maryland to Hawaii and this little rock you've probably never heard of called Johnston Atoll.  At last count I've visited 38 states, and hope to have knocked down a few more before next year.  I've watched war games in the desert, seen the production line of the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and walked around the USS MARYLAND Ohio-class submarine and the "orange forrest" of Trident missile tubes, which was pretty interesting (and a tad scary).  I've also probably talked to people like you on the phone about things like NAFTA, aid to the Contras, the Budget Deficit, and wheatever else you call your Congressman to complain about. 
Because law school really wasn't much of a mental challenge, I found the time to write a book on the Persian Gulf War.  You can find the online web site from which the book was created by clicking on the cover, or you can go to Barnes and Noble, Borders or some other major bookstores and just browse through the Military History section. It's kind of cool to write a book, but it really made a lot of lawyers I interviewed with kind of jealous. Lawyers are a really sad lot.  That's why I hope to never practice law. 

  In case you are wondering what I'll look like when I get older, it will probably be something like my dad.  This is him on his recent dinosaur dig in China.  He's kind of Indiana Jones-ish.  This summer he was back in Montana working on a bunch of cool bones he dug up in 1997.  You can also check out his latest book, which your kids probably use in school, or just visit his homepage. He grew up in Attica, NY where his father (my grandfather) worked as a prison guard.  If "prison and Attica" don't ring a bell, you obviously need to do a little research in American history (no, he wasn't a hostage).  My father's e-mail is the equally creative

 I mentioned it before, but should remind you that I went to Notre Dame for law school.  I had a great time.  Law school is, well, law school, and that is pretty much universal, but Notre Dame was wonderful, and I'd love to find a teaching job there and settle down to watch some football and write more books.  That's me scoring a touchdown in classic Heisman pose style.  You can also see the two of us with big smiles when we stormed the field after BEATING MICHIGAN and camped out on the 50 yard line.

Mom, Andrew, and Dad.

Besides rotting your brain, law school makes you really fat.  Of course the bathrobe I was wearing makes it look even worse, I did put on some weight in school.  Now that I've given up french fries, Coca-Cola, donuts, candy and Hostess products (i.e. the staples of my diet for three years of law school) I've lost most of what I gained.  Friends don't let friends become lawyers...

WHAT? You want more? Well, let me see if I can rehash all this.


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